Administrative Law Section Report 2012-2013

  • August 28, 2016

The Administrative Law Section Executive consists of:

  • Matthew Maruca, Co-Chair (Doctors Manitoba)
  • Sarah Hill, Co-Chair (Provincial Ombudsman's Office)
  • Shereese Qually, Secretary/Treasurer (Taylor McCaffrey LLP)
  • Paul McDonald, Past Chair (Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP)

The Section continues to have high membership (192 in 2012-2013) and to be active within the National Administrative Law Section.

The Section sponsored three CPDs this year: 

  1. Administrative Independence (Jean-François Clément, Administrative judge and former President of the Commission des Lésions Professionnelles du Québec, Vice-Chair, Canadian Council of Administrative Tribunals) Mr. Clément discussed the topic of administrative independence and the recent fascinating developments in Québec.
  2. The Standard of Review: A Never-Ending Source of Work for Lawyers (Denis Guenette, Shereese Qually, Bryan Schwartz) Presented at the 2013 MBA Mid-Winter Conference: This experienced panel took the audience through a step by step overview of the judicial review process.
  3. New Federal Court Case Law on Family Status (Karen Clearwater & Shannon Carson) This seminar discussed the impact of this case law from the perspective of both Employers and Employees. 

Respectfully submitted,
Matthew Maruca, Co-Chair