Women Lawyers

The Women Lawyers' Section is the connecting point for women in the legal profession. By interlacing social and professional activities together, members of this Forum benefit both professional and personally. We organize several events throughout the year where women can engage, relax and enjoy the company of other women who share the law as a common thread. The Women Lawyers' Section has a Judicial Co-Chair. The current Judicial Co-Chair is Justice Diana Cameron, Manitoba Court of Appeal. Ph: 204-945-2050.

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Women Lawyers Judicial Information Program
The Women Lawyers' Section, with the cooperation of women judges from all levels of court in Manitoba, has initiated a program for the benefit of women in the profession who are considering applying to be a judge.  A list has been compiled of women judges who are willing to speak confidentially with women lawyers about matters such as the application process, the demands of the position and the life of a judge.  Once a lawyer receives the list she will have the option of choosing the names of two or three judges with whom she would like to speak and contacting them.  If you would like a copy of the list, please email the MBA office at admin@cba-mb.ca.